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 Post subject: Berserker Class Guide
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Berserker Class Guide
Berserkers are based on one role and one role ONLY! We are here to bring on the damage! Diligence berserkers are some of the highest DPS on the Tunare server and we serve this role with pride.

AA Recommendations – We require level 95 and recommend 2500 AA’s as a good starting point.
General AAs Recommended
• Combat Agility 45/45
• Combat Stability 43/43
• General Sturdiness 25/25
• Planar Power 20/20
• Natural Durability 6/6
• Mystical Shield 1/1 (5% chance to resist EVERYTHING)
• Mystical Attuning 10/17 (If you have buffs not holding you need more)
• Earthen Strength 5/5 and Veiled Strength 10/10
Archetype AAs Recommended
• Burst of Power 20/20
• Combat Fury 6/6
• Enhanced Aggression 33/33
• Ferocity 6/6
• Punishing Blade 18/18
Class AAs Recommended
• Battle Leap 3/3 (Short duration attack boost)
• Blood Pact 15/15
• Blur of Axes 31/31
• Cascading Rage 10/10
• Cry of Battle 1/1 (Also like to see Ancient Cry of Chaos as well, which I’d be more than willing to help you farm the rune for this!)
• Dead Aim 3/3
• Distraction Attack 12/12 (Agro reduction chance)
• Echoing Cries 3/3
• Flurry 18/18
• Frenzied Volley 7/7
• Fundament of Combat 9/9 with First, Second, and Third Spires 3/3
• Hastened AA’s for Berserking Disc, Blood Pact, Cascading Rage, Distraction Attack, Frenzy, Juggernaut Surge, Reckless Abandon, Recklessness, Resilience, Savage Spirit, Self-Preservation, and War Cry. (Some of them are more important than others. Speak to us if you’d like help figuring out which ones to get first!)
• Juggernaut Surge 6/6 (Block the illusion part of this disc)
• Physical Enhancement 1/1
• Planar Durability 3/3
• Precise Blow 9/9
• Precision of Axes 12/12
• Reckless Abandon 3/3
• Savage Spirit 9/9
• Self-Preservation 1/1 (Complete agro loss)
• Throwing Mastery 12/12
• Tactical Mastery 9/9
• Twin Proc 5/5
• Two Hands, No Mercy 8/8
• Vehement Rage 3/3
• Veteran’s Wrath 18/18

We do realize that 2500 AA’s will not be enough to purchase everything listed here, but these are the ones that you should be working towards if you’re looking to apply. We only have one job and that is to DPS. Dead berserkers do us no good, so we need to be smart and know how to stay alive! These are the most common AAs that both maximize DPS and survivability. Raid gear will come but we would like to see you have higher end group gear when you apply so that you have a chance at surviving some of the AE’s that we get hit with as well.

Other Recommendations
Muramite Proving Grounds Trials- Increases Maximum Resists
Bloodlust Aura – Increases critical strike damage for all in the group
Cry Havoc- Also increases critical strike damage of your group and stacks with Bloodlust aura so you want to keep this up!
Ancient: Cry of Chaos- Group Buff for the raid that adds attack and over haste. (Cry of Battle AA makes this a Mass Group Buff and you should have it as well)
Epic 2.0-Clicky that increases our critical hit chance and accuracy.
75 Alaran Language skill – We do raids that require 93 for audio triggers to fire correctly 100% of the time, so the higher your skill the better off you are!
Rank 2 Discs and Abilities – These are part of our DPS you’ll want them!
Parser – I personally use a parser called Gamparse, We do like to see them so that we can help maximize your DPS potential and fix burns if needed.

If you have any interest in joining our berserker crew you may talk with Balthezar or Aaddarya in game.

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