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 Post subject: Magician Class Guide
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:32 pm 

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As for AA's, it is suggested to have between 2.5k and 3k AA's

Discordant Defiance
Dreamlike Intellect
Earthen Brilliance
Mental Fortitude
Mystical Shield
Quick Draw
Planar Power
Companion's Alacrity
Companion's Blessing
Companion's Durability
Companion's Fury
Destructive Fury
Divine Companion's Aura
Expansive Mind
Fury of Magic
All of the Gift of Mana lines
Group perfected Levitation
Innate Enlightenment
Mental Clarity
Mental Stamina
Mnemonic Retention
Persistent Casting
Persistent Minion
Pet Affinity
Secondary Forte
Spell Casting Deftness
Spell Casting Mastery
Spell Casting Reinforcement
Spell Casting Subtlety
Summon Companion
Suspend Minion
Both Focus of Arcanum lines
Advanced Pet Discipline
Aegis of Kildrukaun
Aspect of Zomm
Call of the Hero
Companion of Necessity
Companion's Agility
Companion's Gift
Companion's Relocation
Diminutive Companion
Elemental Agility
Elemental Alacrity
Elemental Durability
Elemental Form Water
Elemental Fury
Elemental pact
Extended Burnout
Extended Rumbling Servant
Extended Swarm
Fire Core
Force of Elements
Frenzied Burnout
Fundament of intellect and first spire
Group Perfected Invis
Hastened Burnout
Hastened Host of elements
Host of the Elements
Improved Twincast
All 3 Modulation shards
Quick Damage
Quick Summoning
Replenish Companion
Servant of Ro
Shifting Elements
Sturdy Companion
Theft of Essence
Turn Summoned
Virulent Talon

Other recommendations-
DON tier 4 for the added crit %
Trials of mata muram
Twincast spell rank 2 prefer rank 3
Surge of shadowflare
Thaumatize pet
Spear of magma rank 2 is a must

Understand how to multibind your spells and use it.
At the point in the game Mages have to be adaptive you will have to know how to fully control your pet, what pet is used for, for what situation on a raid, as well as how to dps with pets and without, since there are many times that pets are not allowed on certain script raids.
If you don't have a parse program go to gamparse and download it. Mages in Diligence are many things but at the end of the day we are a dps class and thus will act as one.

Please talk to Forte or Aaddarya in game if interested.

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