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 Post subject: Enchanter Class Guide
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:50 pm 

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~*~Please read and understand that while some of these things are absolutely required, 95% of the rest are mere suggestions. I don't have a lot of "minimum" requirements, but I will work closely with you to develop a personalized list of goals and expectactions to work on before, during, and after your trial period including but not limited to AA, clickies, augs, items, focuses, and fine tuning your play skill in respects to mezzing, dps, stunning, using appropriate spells in different group situations, buffing yourself and others. If you find this unreasonable then please don't waste my time as I tend to be very involved with any chanter applicant~*~

~*~Be at the current level cap and have a good exp buffer. Be prepared to do a lot of soloing or grouping. All expansions enabled. Stable RL.~*~

~*~Raids start FORMING around 800pm EST to be ready to roll at 830 EST Mon - Thurs, and an hour earlier on Sundays. Try to be on as much as possible during those times. The higher your Raid Average is (the amount of your accumulated raid checks over the period of your time in the guild), the better for you and the guild because you have more chances at loot, more dkp to spend (short for dragon kill points, name for guild currency used to purchase loot), and all that equates to being better geared to survive in raids. Grouping with guildies outside of raids can also be socially gratifying. Not to mention the chance to show off your diverse chanter skills.~*~

If you don't have at least rk1 of all your new ones then stop being lazy and get them!

The more, the better.

BEFORE YOU EVEN SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION, you will need to pass a two part test that will help me spot your strengths and weaknesses. It includes an initial interveiw and open book general chanter knowlegde questionaire followed by a field run with or without an audience where I make you jump through hoops to show me what you're made of! A lot will be expected of an applicant Enchanter, but please don't let that scare you away. It's only meant to be an assesment for that personalized list of goals I talked about earlier.

Get along with guildies, fellow chantermates and communicate.
Actively work on the goals I set for you with enthusiasm!
Understand ALL of your spells and know what/when/where/how to use them in any given situation.
Know what you're capable of but always push your boundaries.
Even veterans can learn something new so don't be afraid to share your knowledge, reasonings, and be open to suggestions and criticism.
I won't claim to know everything there is about chanters but I will research answers I'm looking for. I expect the same out of anyone else, to be able to look up things they don't know the answer to.
If you are tagged I will give you a more detailed list of expectations/ettiquite for raids along with some of my personal super secret chanter secrets of being awesome!

AAs I'd like you to have or achieve:







Combat Agility***
Combat Stability***
Delay Death***
Eye wide open$
General sturdiness***
Mystical attuning#
Mystical shield ***
Natural durability***
Planar power *


Critical affliction **
Destructive fury**
Expansive mind*
Fury of Magic**
Gift of everythings*
Group perfected lev#
Innate enlightenment*
Mastery of the past*
Mental clarity*
Mental stamina*
Mnemonic retention$#
Perfect lev#
Persistent casting***
Quick buff$#
Secondary Forte*#$**
Shield block and/or Staff Block***
Spell casting expertise, fury, mastery, reinforcement, subtlety *$**#***


Aurora Mastery$**
Azure Mind Crystal*
Beguiler's Banishment#$***
Beguiler's Directed Banishment#$***
Bite of Tashani#$
Calculated insanity**

Chromatic Haze**
Clinging root#
Color Shock***
Crippling Aurora***#$
Deep Sleep***#
Destructive Cascade***
Dreary Deeds + Extended AA, OR Serpent of Vindication hotbar'd#$

Eldritch Rune***
Enchanted forgetfulness#
Fog of memories#
Friendly Stasis***
Fundament of...(all of them)*$**#
Gather Mana*
Glyph Spray***

Gracious Gift of Mana*#$
Group Perfect Invis#
Hastened Crippling Aurora$#
Hastened Improved Twincast$**
Hastened Eldritch Rune$***
Hastened Mana Draw$*
Hastened MGB#
Hastened Mezmerization#$***
Hastened Second spire*
Hastened Stasis***
Hastened Third spire**
Hastened Veil of Mindshadow***

Illusions of Grandeur**$
Improved Twincast**$
Mana Draw*#
Mezmerization Mastery#$
Perfect invis#
Perma illusion#
Phantasmic reflex***
Project illusion#
Quickened Stasis***
Quick mass buff#$

Reactive Rune***
Sanguine Mind crystal*
Self Stasis***
Total Domination#
Tranquil Blessings#$*
Veil of Mindshadow***
Vengeful spirits**


Trials of mata muram
Embrace of the keepers/Dark Reign#
Gift of the Keepers/Dark Reign#
Power of the keepers/Dark Reign**
Sanctity of the keepers/dark reign***
Valor of the keepers/Dark reign*


NPC Health
Delegate Main Assist
Inspect Buffs
Spell Awareness
Offense Enhancement
Mana Enhancement
Health Enhancement
Health Regeneration
Find Path to PC
Health of Target's Target

Send tell to Kryene or Elerion in game if interested.

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