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 Post subject: Paladin Class Guide
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:05 pm 

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Paladins are expected to be able to shift between tanking and DPS roles while continuing to provide healing support as the situation warrants. (A Paladins role is support for a Warrior and his raid group) Our definition since EQ started is: “Paladins - Icons of Virtue. The Paladin combines the strength and battle prowess of a fighter with the healing and buffing of a cleric.”


Stats: Keep in mind this is a Raiding Guild. This is your purpose as a Paladin. In order to support first you must be able to stand, before you can heal, or cure anyone. This is where AC, HP, Gear, and AAs come into play explained below.

Gear: HOT End Game Raid gear is enough: Perspicuous Armor is still good until you get to T4 VOA. Unless you want to go the Cultural route which is good gear until T4

AAs: (*2500 required* well spent AAs) this is enough to get you started on your way to becoming a good Paladin raider (if close to 2500 will consider). 4k AAs is only a recommendation not a requirement, this does help to be more solid and well rounded in playing your class well.

Recommended AAs: That save your life and support others:
Restore Life
Divine Aura
Balefire Burst
Beacon of Righteousness
Forceful Rejuvenation
Armor of the Inquisitor
Staunch Recovery
Radiant Cure
*Divine Call* is not required but if your Enchanters die where do you come in?

Being the best you can be AAs that hold you up in battle and help you support heal: (These are AAs you want to aim for) If it is marked as a * It’s a must have, if it is marked as a ** it is your goal to get it, as soon as you can. These are good AA starting points, maxing out your AAs is even better. (KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A SURVIVAL AA SETUP *FOR A LOW AA COUNT*.) You got to be able to stand to heal, cure, and benefit the group. DMG you can work on by yourself, it is a benefit to you and all of us as well.

General AAs:
Combat Agility*
Combat Stability*
Dreamlike Cunning, Fortitude, Might, Sapience, Swiftness*
Earthen Alacrity, Artistry, Brawn, Sagacity, Stability*
Energetic Attunement*
Eye Wide Open**
General Sturdiness*
Innate Agility, Dexterity, Regeneration, Run Speed, Stamina, Strength, Wisdom*
Mental Fortitude**
Mystical Attuning*
Mystical Shield**
Natural Durability*
Planar Power*
Quick Draw*
Veiled Acumen, Cunning, Fortitude, Rapidity, Strength*

Archetype AAs:
Armor of Wisdom*
Burst of Power**
Combat Fury**
Destructive Fury**
Double Riposte**
Enhanced Aggression**
Expansive Mind*
Fear Resistance*
Finishing Blow**
Forceful Rejuvenation + Hastened*
Fury of Magic**
Healing Adept*
Healing Boon**
Healing Gift*
Mastery of the Past*
Mental Clarity, Stamina*
Mnemonic Retention*
Natural Healing*
Persistent Casting*
Quick Buff**
Radiant Cure, Quickened Radiant Cure*
Shield Block*
Spell Casting Fury**
Spell Casting Mastery*
Spell Casting Reinforcements*
Twin Heal*
Veteran’s Wrath**
Weapon Affinity**

Class AAs:
2HD Bash**
Act of Valor**
Armor of the Inquisitor*
Balefire Burst*
Bestowed Divine Aura**
Blessing of Life, Light, Purification, Faithful*
Body and Mind Rejuvenation*
Disruptive Persecution**
Divine Aura, Call*
Divine Stun**
Fervent Blessing*
Force of Disruption**
Fundament of Power, 1st Spire, 2nd Spire, 3rd Spire**
Gift of Life**
Hand of Piety**
Hasten Armor of the Inquisitor**
Hasten Deflection*
Hasten Holyforge**
Healing Light*
Immobilizing Bash**
Knight’s Advantage**
Knight’s Return Strike**
Lay on Hands*
Mass Group Buff**
Overpowering Strikes**
Physical Enchantment*
Planar Durability*
Quickened Stuns**
Restoration of Life*
Rush of Judgment*
Shield Specialist*
Shield of Brilliance**
Slay Undead*
Speed of Knight**
Speed of the Savior**
Steadfast Will*
Tactical Mastery*
Twin Proc*
Valorous Rage**
Vicious Smash**

Special AAs:
Embrace the Keepers*
Gift of the Keepers*
Intensity of the Resolute**Vet Reward
Power of the Keepers*
Sanctity of the Keepers*
Staunch Recovery*
Valor of the Keepers*
Anything else in Special TAB you want is all up to you.

Combat Abilities: (Always be ready)
Armor of Zeal
Undivided Affirmation
Holyforge Discipline
Deflection Discipline
Prominent Mantle
Pureforge Discipline
Righteous Vexation

Helpful Spell Load Build: VOA Spells only NO exceptions: HOT spells just don’t cut it anymore (would recommend group RK2 at the least for healing and cures) PUT IN ORDER WHATS BEST FOR YOU! At 95 you may have a different load of spells that work for you.
1. Burst of Splendor (group RK2 at least)
2. Zealous Touch (group RK2 at least)
3. Wave of Contrition (group RK2 at least)
4. Splash of Purification (group RK2 at least)
5. Zealous Fury
6. Armor of Formidable Faith
7. Blessed Aura
8. Brell’s Adamantine Armor
9. Zealous Force
10. Force of Oseka
11. Glorious Exculpation
12. Abolish the Undead

Item requirements:
Must have DA hammer from Grieg's End.
Must have a form of Gate, Invis, Levitate, and Shrink on you at all times. (---Recommended---)

Please contact Pazen or Aaddarya in game for more information.

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