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 Post subject: Shaman Class Guide
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:44 am 

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As a Diligence Shaman you are a dual purpose character. You are first and foremost a dps class. What this means is you need to be able to slow the mobs, maximize melee dps output, and be prepared to inflict maximum damage on those mobs when and where it is appropriate. If you are getting summoned or having the mob charging after you are going to wipe the raid. Know your aggro and know what and when is too much.

You are also a priest class, that means you are a healer. Your heals are not as powerful as a cleric but they do not fall short in the long run. On raids you will be expected to keep your group alive as well as maximize dps, not just one or the other. In some groups you may be the only healer in the group, you will need to learn how to manage mana efficiently and maintain maximizing dps.

In addition, you are one of the few classes in the game with buffs that are effective on all classes. This means you will get tells for buffs, use tell windows if you must or learn how to use /RT. This will target the last person to send you a tell. But don't be afraid to inform the person sending you a tell that it will be a minute if the person is asking in the middle of a fight.

Suggested to have 3000 class specific Alternate Advancement Points (AA'S)

Alternate Abilities break down

General Alternate Abilities:
Combat Agility
Combat Stability
Delay Death
Earthen Sagacity
Earthen Stability
General Sturdiness
Innate Stamina
Innate Wisdom
Mystical Attuning
Natural Durability
Planar Power

Archetype Alternate Abilities:
Abundant Healing
Critical Affliction
Destructive Fury
Expansive Mind
Fury of Magic
Gift of Amazing Exquisite Radiant Mana
Group Perfected Levitation
Hastened Curing
Healing Adept
Healing Boon
Healing Gift
Mental Clarity
Mental Stamina
Mnemonic Retention
Persistent Casting
Quickened Curing
Radiant Cure
Spell Casting Fury
Spell Casting Mastery
Spell Casting Reinforcement
Spell Casting Subtlety

Class Alternate Abilities:
Affliction Mastery
Ancestral Aid
Ancestral Guard
Call of the Ancients
Call of the Wild
Destructive Cascade
Fortified Intervention
Hastened Ancestral Aid
Hastened Mass Group Buff
Hastened Union of Spirits
Hastened Virulent Paralysis
Mass Group Buff
Pact of the Wolf
Quick Buff
Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery
Spirit Walk
Turgur's Swarm
Union of Spirits
Virulent Paralysis

Send a tell to Rommuluss or Mistydawnn in game for more information.

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