Diligence. The unwavering pursuit. The steadfast desire to see things through to their inevitable con- clusion.

When Raelface formed this guild in early 2002, he had the foresight to name this guild after an idea; an immutable, intangible concept.

Diligence builds on itself, only looks within to provide itself with the strength to persevere. The backbone of this guild has always been the relentless pursuit of progression.

With the passing years, trials and tribulations have come our way, but one thing has remained the same: In time, all things must fall, it is only through Diligence that this can be done.

Once upon a time there were three friends.

A quiet Druid.
A wrathful Warrior.
A righteous Wizard.

To these men of Northern origins came a bond forged from the best of places. Together, they constructed a covenant that would live on inside the Seventh Hammer for years, and remain a testament to friendship and humanity.

These were simple men who lived for simple pleasures.

Their shared adventures would take them to the highest peaks of Velious, the darkest catacombs of Luclin, and to fantastical voyages across the Planes of Power. Never was there a dull moment to be had - not for these three.

For on the eve of battle,

The Druid sacrificed his life to win.
The Warrior sacrificed his pride to win.
The Wizard sacrificed his mind to win.

...and now they walked in unison, towards a dark and perilous frontier. Each carrying the weight of their past as they met with an uncertain future that haunted them day and night.

The Druid was the optimist and pointed ahead.
The Warrior was the realist and cursed at the ground.
The Wizard was the nihilist and summoned an imp.

Their final pilgrimage was heralded across the land and commemorated by every civilized outpost in Antonica. Mayor Gubbins declared a national day of mourning in Rivervale, while Dain Frostreaver shut down the mining operations of Butcherblock for an entire week. In Freeport, the Bayle government erected statues honoring all three friends, while the monarchs of Firiona Vie celebrated their passing with a brilliant exhibition of fireworks and a midnight chorus of frosty melodies.

But there was to be no celebration in other realms across the Planes. Acolytes in the Temple of Mithaniel Marr held a vigil and condemned their existence, while the disciples of Velketor sacrificed thousands of innocents in their underground slave camps. The Fortress of Zek resonated with shrill screams of bloodlust and vengeance, while rumor has it that Rallos himself cursed their names so loudly that they could be heard as far as the Oasis of Marr.

In all the commotion, the friends remained linked and true to each other.

The Druid giggled playfully and adored the attention.
The Warrior complained feverishly and lamented the state of the world.
The Wizard sighed and just let it be.

One could surely not find three more different men with different hearts.

The Druid remained calm and full of earthly poise. His ebullient nature and gentle graces never left him, even when his visions of grandeur became sober second thought. Inside his heart was the spirit of a lion that roared with aching glee, and the soul of a child who wanted to be free. His was a fruitless search to love and be loved. Such was the burden of the diplomat.

The Warrior beat his chest and raged on through the night. His wrathful disposition was one of regret, sorrow, and fear. His contemptuous smirk always dominated his rants, and one could see he was bitter until the end. But in the brief moments when his overtures exhausted him, he muttered under his breath a tale of unrequited love and appeal. His was an endless search to respect and be respected. Such was the burden of the dictator.

The Wizard snorted and furrowed his brow. His sad eyes and noble face would hide the real fire that burned deep inside. The years had taken their toll, and his flame had nearly extinguished from the trials and tribulations of life. Yet, he remained a source of bursting vigilance - he shouldered the burden then, and he still could now. His was a thankless search to complete and feel completed. Such was the burden of the creator.

They camped and dined on their final feast. The bonfire lit up the night sky as they reminisced together and shared their final thoughts:

The Druid remembered a time of glory and camaraderie.
The Warrior remembered a time of conquest and duplicity.
The Wizard remembered a time of exploration and growth.

...and then they grew silent, and thought of love's lost ways.

The Druid had loved the purity of Emerald eyes.
The Warrior had loved the comfort of Auburn hair.
The Wizard had loved the promise of a Phoenix.

The three friends remained awake long throughout the night. They laughed and reflected as they shivered and watched the winter sky littered with nostalgic stars - frozen moments in time. Soon, the Wizard felt the weight of his eyelids betray him, and bid farewell to his friends. As he slipped away into a blissful sleep, the Warrior's gaze remained fixed on the founder. While he watched his beloved friend drift away, the Druid placed his hand on the Warrior's shoulder and gently squeezed his mentor's arm. They nodded to one another with deep respect, as only they could.

That night,

The Druid slept soundly with a smile on his face.
The Warrior fell into a nightmare of regret.
The Wizard lost himself in a beautiful dream with beautiful maidens.

...and so the Kings of Diligence faded into obscurity and the legend of Ragaroth began. Now the guild marches on under the tutelage of Rommuluss and continues to this day....

Dilgence was formed on 13 February 2002 in Felwithe by Raelface the Wizard.

Original Members
  • Aeebae - Monk
  • Kzaku - Monk
  • Geelorn - Monk
  • Decebel - Monk
  • Bereft - Cleric
  • Roxanne - Cleric
  • Eydera - Cleric
  • Yaal - Cleric
  • Ndiar - Cleric
  • Mosnar - Cleric
  • Davrin - Cleric
  • Aliakalar - Shadow Knight
  • Zxyyr - Shadow Knight
  • Dack - Druid
  • Talandar - Druid
  • Kerie - Druid
  • Maxum - Druid
  • Arawn - Druid
  • Zebassis - Enchanter
  • Annalina - Enchanter
  • Sunamae - Enchanter
  • Raelface - Wizard (GL)
  • Biren - Wizard
  • Nivon - Wizard
  • Vladimyrx - Wizard
  • Luan - Ranger
  • Ripsnorter - Ranger
  • Pratt - Paladin
  • Mahir - Paladin
  • Altorr - Paladin
  • Gediminas - Warrior (GL)
  • Kadir - Warrior
  • Centari - Warrior
  • Sarati - Warrior
  • Platinus - Mage
  • Luminox - Mage
  • Sladen - Mage
  • Falguril - Shaman
  • Sevenkilts - Shaman
  • Leeran - Bard
  • Pythian - Bard
  • Fandrol - Rogue
  • Kissitt - Rogue
  • Lulasu - Rogue
  • Ragaroth - 2/21/02 (GL)
  • Ftalten - 3/29/02
  • Baraniel - 5/9/02 (GL)
  • Odibil - 6/8/02
  • Thalzaar - 7/17/02
  • Frodlin - 8/27/02
  • Rommuluss - 9/4/02 (GL)
  • Lasarra - 10/31/02
  • Kylara - 1/27/03
  • Daine - 3/24/03